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  1. I've seen similar on ebay. Trying to find you some links Edit: this one's a little bigger and a little cheaper ebay link
  2. theres a lady in truro i think. facebook pajamas for dogs or onesies for dogs. :)
  3. Wowzer! Ah well who cares what he weighs as long as he works well. Not going to be cheap if I decide to fly him out to any races haha :laugh:
  4. That's incorrect. They are a mixture mostly of GSp, greyhound and bull terrier. There are two registries for the breed. but both have pretty much the same standard. :)
  5. congrats! what was your word for the "my dog, my...."
  6. Thanks.. A fair few arab people seem to think he's too big. Ah we've got a lot of doubters. Hope we can prove em wrong
  7. Got breed, sex and breeder picked out for the next one ( just need landlords permission haha) It has to start with G. And we have had many arguements that my names don't suit. Gojira, Gremlin, Gizmo and Ghost aren't dog names apparently
  8. Thanks Diva.. its really good to get an outside perspective. It's difficult to be objective when you see the same dog all the time .. well i find it difficult haha. If he ends up with legs as bad as Esky I'll shoot myself :laugh:
  9. Thanks Diva. It's so hard to have no benchmark to go off. No hunters seem to care this much so its hard to find information about raising arab pups That patch always throws me.. :laugh: I sometimes think he looks really lopsided. But the black tablecloth doesn't help :laugh: Been keeping more of an eye on him tonight, he doesn't really seem to stand like this when I'm looking. It doesn't help that all my photos have to be taken on burst mode, because he's not still long enough otherwise :laugh: I'll def see what the chiro has to say. Esky my sibe's conformation isn't perfect either but he's given us excercises to work with what we've got. And I'll reduce food a little bit too
  10. Oh so sorry to hear that. RIP Tess
  11. This is the rear. It does look like that same foot is turned out slightly. Will bring that up at the chiro visit and see if he's concerned. :/
  12. Thanks Diva. According to my scales he's 40+ kg range, they seem to be fairly accurate when I compare to the ones at the petshop and / or vet :) He's quite muscular. That's a waist shot. Not very good but it gives you an idea. A bit less food maybe? I can feel ribs, but happy to cut back food if hed be better off. Also thanks for the comment regarding the foot, I hadn't noticed that in the photo. I'll bring it up with the chiro next week if I notice it happening again :)
  13. Just hoping my pup is growing ok. What do you guys think 8 months old. 40.5 kg Over 25 inches ( not sure on exact figure as he hates the tape measure! )
  14. My worst bit is just the paranoia of him growing out all wrong. Or really disliking racing Everything else is great though
  15. Sure this has probably been done. Wondering what toys people have for their canines that have lasted personal experiences preferred. *photos too. ;)
  16. I wish the cat food was easier to come boy. It's the one my cat likes best and I've tried a large number of brands.. So hard to come by
  17. Nothing wrong with a good hunting dog.. Love pig dogs.. These ones are freaking adorable
  18. Also don't be afraid to look outside your state. Both of my dogs have come a long way to live with me. Transporting dogs is very easy and doesn't cost too much :)
  19. But Esky was approaching him to take his food etc. She has no interest in taking any of 'his' things
  20. Not really practical separate them in the yard. But there is no resource guarding. Esky has no interest in well...anything..
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