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  1. Oh god I eat dry food.. I have to try every brand we get, just.. curious :laugh: I have found myself unconsciously snacking on some when I put it in my pockets to use as treats. Mmm kibble.. At racing bags of dog treats are given out as minor prizes. There is one treat, the white milk bone thing, that we all eat ourselves rather than give them to our dogs.. They're really good!
  2. Shots from Friday. His monthly growth shots ;) Bang on 10 months in the pictures!
  3. So.. uhh I've never owned intact males before.. It seems that when my boy runs his balls might be chafing him. One of his inner thighs is missing hair and is a bit red.. Is that normal, and should I do something? I'd hate to think that was causing him any discomfort.. What an awkward topic, sorry
  4. ^^ I find it's a very specific distance to get them to go. Run for over 700m and we'll have poos. When I've missed warmups for a race I can guarantee that we'll have a poo around the first corner.
  5. Pup gets 2 meals.. One as soon as I get up And the other at night. Both dogs are fed at night, if I have plans to race / train the next day I'll feed early.. 12ish hrs before they're due to race. With a light broth to drink in the morning before running. Otherwise if they haven't had any night excercise they get treat balls etc whenever they start to get annoying :laugh:
  6. I was just showing off the fountain I swear :laugh:
  7. Bingo, this is exactly what racing is all about. Plus high speeds, adrenaline pumping, cold air on your face.. Feels like living!
  8. We had an inside water digger We got one of these It's a 'dog it' fresh and clear fountain.. Anyway she still dug in it, so we put her $2 plastic bowl over the top and bang stopped digging ( no choice) The water is designed to constantly flow down the side of the bowl. It holds 10 l so it's great and the water is always cold too!
  9. Sled Dog Racing!!! The ultimate winter sport
  10. Still loving life :) Happy Birthday Loki
  11. I'll have to tell Fritz no more spooning.. Haha He's the initiator :p
  12. Nope my current pup 9 months has been 98% perfect.. Amazed considering how crazy active he is.. He'll get in that mood and go straight into the toy box to get something.. Cardboard tubes shredded all over my lounge room at the mo... Fun
  13. For what it's worth BYB pups are definitely not all loved or reared well at all.
  14. Looks quite cool.. for a data junkie like me!!
  15. Have you considered one of those front attaching harnesses?
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