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  1. Err I wasn't having a go. My in laws have owned a number of dingo crosses and have had them registered as whatever the 'cross' was. Dingo x staffy type was registered as a staffy x etc.
  2. Someone had his first visit to something resembling a beach :laugh: This was after he'd been very good for the weekend coming racing with Esky and I in Victoria.
  3. Love her.. Her book had so many more dog stories than the website. It made me very happy :D
  4. At least someone working full time should have money! My partner and I are both in full time work and a cheap rental and sometimes it's still hard to make ends meet. We managed before on part time/ casual / the dole when we had to. But it's not ideal and if a large vet bill had happened we could have been in a lot of trouble.
  5. I don't know what a normal time is, but my GR eats both of those in about twenty minutes, the frames faster than the drumsticks of course, and that's chewing properly too, I sit and watch. I'm at a loss as to what to give her next that takes a little longer but isn't too big and hard. Turkey drumsticks used to take an hour or more, but they go fast these days. Apparently she has a good technique worked out. It seems like as soon as I've given it to her she's back inside wiping her disgusting face on the rugs. Mind you, she won't touch them frozen, won't even eat at fridge temperature. She leaves them in the sun to ripen first. Maybe that's part of it. :laugh: I guess forever is 5 minutes vs < 1 hahah.. Frozen or not never seems to really bother them. I used to freeze food into icecream tubs for summer, layer of kibble, water. freeze. a few necks..water freeze.. a bit more kibble.. freeze. Like a frizen trifle.. Not sure how that will work out with 2 dogs now
  6. I'm really not sure why there are two registries. I think some disagreement over the purity of certain lines or some nonsense. I don't really want to get into politics with hunters :laugh: I'm happy that my dog came from a 'registered breeder' who hunts full time and has been in good health. I don't really know what more I could hope for, no testing is done on any breeding stock at this stage
  7. Put a tennis ball inside the wobbler. Makes it much more difficuly
  8. Staples when we did full raw were chicken frames and turkey drumsticks. They take forever to eat, and they don't have trouble breaking apart the bone like you would with a weight bearing beef bone. 90% of our stuff was fed frozen too. Limited fridge space for storing meat, plus until I got ikea containers the bags containing the raw always burst.eeew
  9. Thanks for the info! I didn't realise there was a development register and a standard - when did those things happen?? No point my trying to educate all the hunting breeders around here - they are still using mastiff types and pointer types with the odd dollop of staghound type... Bullmastiff x GSP x Dane is a common mix. I have one here here - adult and just under 50 kg last time I had him weighed. He was from a rural pound though, and I doubt very much would be on any register - most of the ones we see here aren't. The ABAR Australian Bull Arab Registry is what my boy is registered to. The registry is fairly new started around 2007, and at a guess the other one ( ABBA) would have started around the same time. The whole idea with the ABAR is like a buyer protection thing other pedigree breeders have, buying a dog from them guarantees it's actually a Bull Arab, not like you mention a similar looking cross.
  10. I really really want a dog treadmill similar to this. (that doesn't cost 3k ) And one of these ( impending death with fritz pulling it!!)
  11. Great photos. Must have been a lot of fun :D
  12. Well done Elsie! Esky has retired from weightpull ( too flexible so it's not good for her ) So I don't have a weightpull dog til the end of next year..
  13. Imagine how safe you'd feel having one of those lovely dogs as a pet <3 Happy retirement
  14. Hey, just wondering if someone can give me an idea of how long worming tablets last. Would obviously work out a lot cheaper to buy them online, but can't find any info on how long they last in the packet? Thanks
  15. How young is young? If it's 12 month plus maybe they could have the dog wear a backpack on walks and walk next to the stroller. I also like to throw the meal around the yard. Sometime I would put the dog inside. Put something awesomely smelly in a ziplock bag ( blood, chicken stock etc) when I get outside pierce a hole in the bag and leave a scent trail, and leave her meal along the trail. Then let the dog out of the house.. So much fun. I played hide the kibble inside too. Aussie Dog toys Like these Maybe a second hand dog walker, you can sometimes find them on gumtree from as cheap as $150
  16. I don't think my costs were excessive, it really depends on breed. Went through two cheap leads- broken. And outgrew 3x cheap collars, now with a decent $40 leather collar for a strong dog. Really food is the killer with a bigger dog. So it should be cheaper to feed a bulldog :)
  17. Yeah its so lovely seeing photos of her smile. I'm always looking at the wrong end haha
  18. This one was from this weekend Purchased from NJHarry Photography Thanks for your kind words Grumpette
  19. Some shots from JM photography of this weekends race
  20. Been a while Fritz 8 months Taken by a friend at a race over the queens birthday long weekend
  21. Your pet needs to be microchipped before they sell it to you..That's the law so don't worry about that cost ;) Fritz so far Vaccinations 2 x $100 ( average) Chiro $35 4 x collars $ 50 2 x leads $20 Harness $40 Crate $70 on sale Bedding 1 x $10 cheap bed ( plus a free clothes beanbag) Council Rego $25ish Basic Training classes $110 for 10 weeks Worming I don't know about $50 We're on about our 5th or 6th 20kg bag of food. Trying out various brands $400 Meat ... don't know as it's a split cost with our adult dog. $960 minimum Oh and the toys, and the $500 worth of fencing for the new place and the $220 for a double kennel.. + purchase cost and airfares ( and the dog trailer because I ran out of room in my wagon ;) ) Oh and kudos to you for actually working out if you can afford it! Overlooked by many.. Also my figures are for a large breed, he's already 40+ kg so my costs are higher for most things ( food, worming, etc )
  22. So we've got back from the chiro. Very good report on Fritz's growth. Says he can't see anything wrong with him from a structural or chiropractic viewpoint. All his ligaments and bones are well developed and he say's I'm one of few people not to bring him fat puppies *whee* Basically it was the green light to keen doing what I'm doing. But to hold off on racing him until next season :D We're going to go back for a check up when he is a year old Esky on the other hand is the total opposite.. Poor Esky
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