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You And Your Dog


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....just stumbled upon this thread.

I love this one -


It was taken without me knowing by DOLer 'tlc' and was a surprise email.

Don't know why I like it so much - maybe just coz I remember the day well; cold, wet & windy

but you forget all about that when there is an adoring vizsla gazing lovingly into your eyes! :laugh:

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just joined this site still lurnning where to go and what to do but i came across your photos and i think that they are all great.

I think it is nice to see so many people loving their dogs and getting love back in return.


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These are a few shots from a photo shoot I did with my heart dog, Thorn. They were taken a few years ago and he is now in doggie heaven.

The photographer was Petrina Hicks who is an awarded Australian photographer. It was a lot of fun to do, but when she asked me to start laughing, Thorn started licking my face - which she loved and asked me to keep going. By the end most of my make up was gone and I pointed out I just took a big one for the team, as Thorn had a partiality for eating his poo. :laugh:



You look gorgeous, like a 50's calendar girl, and I mean that as a compliment. ;)

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