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Farewell My Darling Sassie11/1//2000-9/6/2011

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A TRIBUTE LETTER wrote yesterday ..........

As tears r steaming down my face,

from where do i find the courage ,strenth &grace ?

to do what I know I must,Im doing for you sassie ,please just trust .

Ill hold you close in a loving embrace,let you go & rest in peace,

cant watch you in the pain we cant erace .

so much pain within my heart .

sassie girl we now must part .

You have been my best friend for many years ,we've laughed & played & shed a few tears

So many babies you leave behind,not having you ,just blows my mind.

My sassie bassie ,the highland lassie ,

How will kissie find her way up the path ,with you no longer her other half ,

she will have to swing on anothers ear,so with her one eye ,she can still see clear

Your sister Sunnie will miss you so much& so many others whos hearts you have touch,

You did it tough right from the start,

,but found your way back to my heart ,I took you back under my wing,


Sassie bassie,no more, we can sing .

I know you will never leave my care,such a special love we did share .

Im doing this cuise I love you so & this my darling you surely know .

Another [email protected] night in the sky aglow .

No more pain for you ,this is true ,

I carry the pain in my heart for you .

Sassie my darling ,because of a love so true,a painful life,I couldnt allow for you .,

we couldnt allow this to drag on .


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I was thinking about you today CL and now I read this. I am so sorry, we couldnt have our girls in pain and suffering could we. Sleep peacefully Sassie and hugs to you CL

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Such a beautiful tribute, I have tears. I am so sorry for your loss. I'm so glad you had that time with Sassie and I can tell she brought alot of joy and holds a special place in your hearts and in the hearts of many others. I know your pain only too well, may you remember the good times, let yourself grieve and then remember the good times and that every minute with her was worth the pain without her.

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