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Happy 5th Gotcha Day Zero!


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Just wanted to say a very big happy 5th gotcha day to my gorgeous heart dog, Zero. We've done a lot in the 5 years since I picked him up from Renbury pound. We went through hell and back with his fear and dog aggression issues, dealt with his health problems and met some amazing people along the way, including some of my very best friends.

Though the first couple of years weren't particularly fun, the last 3 have had many more good days than bad - he's the reason I won the master responsible pet owner award last year, he's a delta qualified therapy dog and just last weekend, got the last points he needed for his FD title and is now well on the way to his FDX.

So my gorgeous boy, even though you're an absolute pain in the patootie sometimes, you've helped me through some of the worst times in my life - you make me laugh every day and inspire me to be better. I love you and I can't imagine what life would have been like without you.

This video gets trotted out quite a lot and explains us better than anything I could ever say - thank you Terranik for making it for us :D

The man himself:




And my favourite shot of us together.


Of course, he will be getting a rock star treatment today. He's very happily munching on a bone right now :D Breakfast is a novelty to him!

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