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Help Needed For Mini Paws Foster Carers. Urgent


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I had a bad run in with Rachelle a few months back when she was advertising 2 dogs I had bred, I sent her an email explaining who I was and got abused even after supplying microchip numbers,pix of pups since birth,names of dogs and who had brought them from me etc.

I finally managed to get in contact with owners of the dogs and Rachelle did not have them but was advertising them for sale through her rescue, she was abusive as I said I would take the dogs back and she would miss out on the $$$ from adoption fees :mad

I did take the dogs back and have since found them loving homes.

I hope other rescues are able to help those in need.

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If it helps any, they used to ask for donations to their vet account at Colyton Vet Hospital.

Maybe someone who has been left with dogs or cats and needs assistance can call the vet and explain the situation and see if there are any funds in the vet account for use, or perhaps ask if they can contact Rachelle or know if she's been in lately etc

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Also, an article from early last year has a different email and phone number to the usual one on FB and Pet Rescue, so the other number might belong to someone else that can assist.


This number at this stage does belong to Rachelle as I had my husband use this to contact her and she has not returned any of my calls to her mobile, texts or emails to her email address. Her partner is screening her calls on her mobile and I am assuming from abusive carers that want answers as to why they have been dumped with their charges and no help from this woman what so ever. She has gone underground. If she does happen to read this site and the comments I have just

this to say. We live in the same town and you can't hide forever. I will be contacting the Lithgow Mercury and the council on Monday re: Rachelle and her so called rescue operation. She has left me with 3 Kittens that are pretty close to feral that constantly chase and dominate my own cats to the point that they hide constantly. I am unable to keep these cats permanently for this reason. I have been trying to find these guys a permanent home since 7th January with no luck what so ever.

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Are your cats listed on pet rescue?

I'd contact the ladies at 'Pound Cats', as far as I know they have an established profile on FB and in rescue, they may be able to help.

btw you can register a complaint with pet rescue if Rachelle was advertising there.

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lillypilly is possibly without internet right now, as she has moved recently...

If you text her, she may be able to see if she can help...


Out of the NSWAR shelter?

T, it might have to be you who texts LP. Rachelle basically traded on her support from you guys on DOL at least. If it was me I'd want to know immediately. :mad

I'm also curious about who wrote her posts here because it certainly doesn't gel with the way she writes. IMHO Anyone who helped her needs to take some small share in what has happened to these animals and has every right to get the shits for being conned into this clusterf***.

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Train wreck is right up there!

yangchen user_popup.png please contact me and I will see if I can help!

As I watched this thread, I was astounded how people who had no idea what was happening was supporting and saying everything was good!

Absolutely unbelievable!


:clap: Well done Andrea. Always ready to pick up the pieces.

They were just another fly by night Facebook rescue. When will people look past the feel good rubbish and see what is really going on. :smashpc:

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