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Labrador stabbed to death in Perth park

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I sure hope he is caught.  Poor woman is, naturally, distraught.  It sounded as though she thought the man’s dog had attacked hers, but the vet confirmed he had been stabbed  :cry:  :cry:


What gets me is that a man who was interviewed in the park said he heard a woman screaming ........ but did nothing about it.  I don’t know if anyone else heard the interview and there was more to it.  I can’t believe you’d hear someone screaming and not go to help.   

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Wow. Sometimes I just wonder what judges are thinking. So easy for some people to just get away with anything. I feel for the poor woman. It must have been very distressing for her and she probably feels let down by the justice system. Such a sad time for her.

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:cry: :cry: :cry:


What a disgusting human being, how can he call himself an animal lover!? Why would the magistrate let him off easy like that? 

A normal person would not be carrying a knife for starters, and it definitely shouldn't be instinctual to reach for a knife and stab a dog!! 

Why the hell would he be quiet? Would he not yell and kick or something?? Like if you were actually really worried, that isn't how you react.

What if he reacted like that to a human? Just stabbed them without any warning because he felt intimidated? 



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On 5/19/2017 at 2:09 PM, Cazablanca said:

DDD, He might have a mental illness, or he might just be a horrible person.

That's what the courts are for, I'm just glad they found him.


Not only is he a horrible person, but also is his defence lawyer and the magistrate.  Yet again, “the courts” .......  totally out of touch and yet again, animals betrayed by them.  


This judgement is nothing less than obscene.    If Luna was a danger, how on earth was that filth able to crouch down in front of her and stab her.   Insanity - day after day after day.  



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He has his photo pasted in the papers and over the internet

The police are aware of him now (he will get 'street-checked' as he may have a weapon)

His friends (if he has any left) will all know

as will his family

and his work colleagues and management

and the local shops and cafés...he may be kept waiting aeons to get served

he is well and truly buggered now


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i know where this park is and its a dodgy place where you could easily be mugged so that may explain why the guy was carrying the knife. Anyway I think too much blame has been put on the guy stabbing the dog and not enough on the owner of the lab. From what I understand the guy is walking his puppy and is rushed at by two off lead dogs with no owner in sight. The guy has had previous bad experiences with other dogs attacking his dogs, so totally overreacts, is paranoid, mentally unstable, skittish or a combo of the above. I didn't think it was necessarily a case of random animal abuse but I could be wrong..

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