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One last ride with his boss...

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 Today, The Boss took Leo for one last ride in the 4WD .

Leo was in his late teens ...and the past few months had been indulged with whatever junk food  was reasonable ..good o's , left over pizza- that sort of thing . 
he was totally deaf , had suffered a couple of minor strokes , and over the past couple of weeks, had been noticeably suffering on warm days , plus, now  just not having the 'spark' anymore.
leo was a fantastic worker  in sheep yards/shearing sheds ...one of the best in this corner of the world - no exaggeration. The Boss was offered very good money for him - but couldn't lose his 'offsider' . 

even this morning, the old man had Pudden showing submissive posturing ... after they accidentally bumped into each other ...I am so glad he didn't get totally bedridden . 

Bye, old fella ..you were one tough, clever old boy ..such an amazingly strong worker , and a teriffic role model . 

Leo ....

image.thumb.jpeg.52028c783038851afb4b1852778b4dd9.jpeg(taken several yrs ago)

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Vale Leo...


So often we suburban pet owners forget that the bond between working dogs and their humans is just as, or even moreso, strong as that we share with our furry companions.


Please give my heartfelt condolences to the Boss @persephone... he's a good man, and must feel this loss deeply.



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RIP gorgeous Leo. You have earnt a good rest by the river bank watching the world go by, in between bouts of crazy activity.


@persephone may your brother not miss his constant mate too much during the working hours, and may he remember him with a happy heart during the down time each night. :heart:

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How did I miss this! You mattered on this earth Leo. You had a job to do and you did it well. Time now to do whatever you want over the bridge. XXX

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