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Buying a Dobermann Puppy

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Why its so hard to find a decent dobermann pup (with a realistic price 2000-2500) in Melbourne (Victoria). I have been searching for a dobermann pup for myself, but have come across, plenty of fake breeders and sellers. Majority of the breeders are hobby breeders and have no idea about the breed/temperament/colour/energy levels. Majority breeders will pose they are very busy, all their pups have been booked and will ask you to fill a lengthy application (although majority of the applications are copy paste from other sites), but the bottom line is that their breeds are just ordinary. They will criticise gumtree buying etc. and will use buzz words (dog show, bloodline) but the bottom line is they want their pups to be sold at whatever price they are asking. All drama....! And I am not ready to pay any advance. I want to see a pup and pay for it.


Please, help me with a decent breeder and approximate price of a dobermann pup in Melbourne, Victoria region.


Thanks in advance!

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Or Mum needs to change the wifi password. 

I’m planning to buy a puppy next year and I feel your pain about price. But there are good reasons why prices have increased dramatically.  Responsible breeders need to screen their breeding dogs

Reading between the lines I get a sense that starting your search in reverse might be a better option. Perhaps by finding the sort of dog/owner you’re looking for first, and tracking back to a breeder

I think that you will find that ALL pups of any breed or mix, have increased in price since the pandemic started... just stating a fact there.


Also, with the lockdown in Melbourne, you are going to be hard pressed for anyone to allow you to come and physically view any pups they may have on offer... maybe Zoom viewings would help there? At least you will know that you are talking real time with a real person who has real pups available.


You may also want to drop the attitude that most breeders are only after large prices for their pups... it will show through in your correspondence, and will only serve to make them less inclined to want to deal with your enquiries.



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Reading between the lines I get a sense that starting your search in reverse might be a better option. Perhaps by finding the sort of dog/owner you’re looking for first, and tracking back to a breeder……..so possibly look up ‘sports dog club Victoria’  or ‘Melbourne sports dog club’ etc ,join a few local sport dog FB pages. Obviously a bit hard right now with lockdowns to do anything in person, but an ideal time to get online, find the sort or people who own the sort of dog you’re looking for, and talk to them about their breeder/buying experiences. Once you’ve found your crowd, reach out to breeders, be prepared to pay for what you want when you find it. 

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Have you checked the home page puppy listings?


You will have your own specifics for what you expect of the breed. And a Breeder will have theirs.


The Dobes that I have gone for have been hard to find, because the traits are not brought to best light in either a show ring or a breeding establishment. 


Only in a stimulating  living environment, for their abilities to take part and serve a purpose.


Those dogs are most often not bred. Because the owners don't choose to risk or disrupt  that. Or because they are not sold on Mains register or show quality, sold to pet homes where the idea of breeding for that is discouraged.


@Scratch makes sense. Find people with like minded priorities.

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I think the problem is lockdown in a different way. The biggest issue is that people are looking for pandemic partner dogs, which has lifted the price. Consequently, on one hand breeders are just asking rudimentary questions to pose that their dogs went to good houses (while looking for big money naive clients), etc. On the other hand they will never tell about the real questions, e.g. temperament, parents, etc. This is because people looking for pandemic dogs do not care about it, and are happy to pay 4000-5000 for a 'good breed' dog.

I have noticed, many people surrendering 6 months to one year old good breed dogs (after destroying them) and selling them for 5000 etc. Since they have enough fun showing a dog sitting next to them on zoom meetings. And in reality, when it comes to caring a dog they give a damn. I think, majority of public has developed serious cognitive disorders.


In UK a good bloodline doberman pup is 1000 pounds or less. Where as in here, QLD and WA are still selling at reasonable 2000+ but in Vic, its like crazy 4000, I mean for what? I do not know whats happening.


Spoke to couple of people on fb, etc. same stories, do not know about the breed but just want to keep the dog for their kids, etc.


There should be a BAN on surrendering a dog after buying of 3 years minimum. Then no one will buy, I bet!





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Is there scammers on Pets4Homes?
Pets4Homes is one of the largest classified ad sites in the UK and whilst it does have more security in place compared to some alternative sites, Watchdog has found that scammers are still able to list fake adverts on Pets4Homes. ... Within a few hours the advert was live and potential buyers started to contact the team.
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Not specific to Dobermanns (or even to dogs in general) - but pricing of any product overseas has pretty much zero relevance to the Australian market.


Population (and population density), transportation, access etc all impact costs.   I remember speaking to an American woman re mobile phone pricing - she was going off as 'in America all calls are free, we just pay a small amount for data'.   She totally didn't get that the area to cover (towers, cabling, signal etc) compared to the number of paying customers completely changed the pricing model.  


Looking at it from a dog perspective - if someone in Australia wants to import a dog (or semen for AI) from Europe it is expensive (quarantine, flights etc etc).  Someone in UK who wants the same dog/semen can do the same a lot easier.  I have never done the $$$$$ but it would be a fraction of the cost.   And that is just importing new bloodline.  There are many other costs (some cheaper in comparison - others dearer).    The point is that comparing apples with oranges will end up with a fruit salad - but no comparison.


I also agree with finding a breeder you like, and going from there.  It is ok to have a price in your mind that you are willing to spend, most people have that.    But deciding that anyone who charges more than that figure and uses 'dog shows' and 'bloodlines' means 'they want their pups to be sold at whatever price they are asking. All drama....!' is quite a blanket statement.   

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But coming back to the main productive argument. The prices for Dobermanns are unrealistic and I would blame those people who are buying without understanding the responsibility and after one year just surrendering or saying "our circumstances have been changed". In Covid lockdown I do not know which circumstances change they are talking about. The truth is that people get bored with their Pandemic partner after a year or so:



That is after destroying a dog they just want to get rid of it....!

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By the way, the local purchasing power in Australia is 15% higher than in UK. And after Brexit I think purchasing power will further decrease. Its no more a function of population density but other factors impact a lot too.

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