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  1. I am to believe that several rescue groups that belong to the MDBA attended the rally and support change.
  2. I'm confused as to what Animal Lib has to do with anything. Goes off to look at the draft of Oscar's Law and the draft of the RSPCA solution of puppy factories.
  3. :D The puggies list for santa: Nylabones Squeeky toys Harnesses Collars Leads Sentinel Spectrum / Advocate Petrol vouchers Malaseb shampoo Ear cleaner Coles/Safeway vouchers (for fresh bones, chicken necks etc)
  4. Yes I use them for a quick ear clean or nose roll clean.
  5. RSPCA does not own the Oscar's Law legislation Oscar's Law does. Again if you have any questions please contact Oscar's Law.
  6. The rally was not organised by Animal Liberation. Before making wild assumptions contact Oscar's Law to get your facts straight. www.oscarslaw.org I would be interested to know what those against Oscar's Law have as a solution to puppy factories, pet shop sales and unresponsible pet ownership. And what steps they are taking to make these solutions more then just words on a computer screen. Edited to add.... RSPCA do not have the power to go and seize dogs and shut down puppy farms. Why do you think in their latest raid here in Victoria they are still working on the puppy factory owner surrendering more dogs. If they seize a dog that dog must sit at the shelter untill the matter is heard in court. If the RSPCA loses the court case the dog goes back to the puppy farmer. As for purebreds not ending up in rescue we have a waiting list a mile long for pure pugs to come into our foster care program. I can tell you that at least another pure bred rescue group is in exaclty the same situation as us. I also have a pile of canine council pedigree papers sitting in the rescue pugs files.
  7. 7 weeks ago we had a pipe dream. Today we had thousands supporting Oscar's Law. This rally was organised by 5 people, 4 from independent Victorian dog rescue organisations plus the founder of Oscar's Law Deb Tranter. Look what the little guys in rescue can do in 7 weeks. Thank you to everyone that attended today or helped along the way to make this historic day happen.
  8. The rally is organised by Oscar's Law. www.oscarslaw.org The RSPCA is just one of the many organisations who will be showing their support to Oscar on the day. It must be noted that DOGS Vic sent a brilliant key speaker to the recent invite only RSPCA Puppy Factories conference here in Victoria. Are DOGS Vic taking back everything that this speaker has said? (I believe that she is very upset at DOGS Vic not supporting or attending Oscars day) It is sad to think that the founder of Oscars Law has always supported registered breeders and DOGS Vic but when it comes time for them to support her they are no where to be seen. It is also sad that there are thousands of dogs with DOGS Vic pedigree papers in puppy factories, being sold to to overseas petshop brokers and coming through the doors of rescue organisations on a daily basis.
  9. For those who are uncertain as to what the rally is about: www.oscarslaw.org
  10. Please put aside you differences and for once see the bigger picture. We hope to see you all at the rally.
  11. The rally is actually organised by Oscars Law not Animal Liberation Victoria. The organising committee is made of of 5 women from Oscar's Law and other high profile Victorian rescue groups. It has been an honour to work with these women. www.oscarslaw.org RSPCA have jumped on board this fantastic cause and shown their support just as nearly all of the other animal welfare/dog world organisations here in Victoria. For once everyone has put their differences aside to be heard as one voice.
  12. Between $400 and $500 seems to be the going rate.
  13. Sorry to hear of your boy is losing his vision so young. Animal Eye Care PRA Info I have a completely blind pug, that lost his vision to Sudden Aquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome, last Novemeber. Many people would not know he was blind untill he bumped into something. He has a good life and does almost eveything he used to do before he went blind. If he gets stuck he calls out for help.
  14. http://www.lovemyfurbabies.com.au/ If you can sew then you can make one up pretty quickly with some polor fleece and velcro.
  15. Anything will put weight on. As long as you feed only 2% of his ideal body weight (this includes all food) then he should maintain. My older pugs are on 1.5% of their ideal body weight daily to maintain their ideal weight. (2 of them share a can of sardines and some veggies slops as a daily meal once or twice a week.)
  16. Yay for skinny Ollie!!! Up his food to 2% daily of his ideal weight now. If he is 8.5kg then that would be 170 grams a day.
  17. OMG ouch is all I can say. (Stormie stop thinking about the pus it may contain.)
  18. What a pitty he doesn't want pugs and it's not in Melbourne as we have a pug in care that is named 'Posh'.
  19. Have you tried Moxidectin? Our demodex mange boy, Frankie, had severe neurological side effects to oral Ivermectin. He was fine on oral Moxidectin. Frankie's story Advocate contains moxidectin.
  20. Arnie, the black boy, is one of the 11, soon to be 13, puggies we have in care. PUG RESCUE & ADOPTION VICTORIA INC. would like to thank say a massive thankyou to everyone from Pedigree and Petrescue for today and the ongoing adoption drive. Amazing work guys!
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