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Special Request For Sydney Rescuers

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Sydney - We are asking for your help in an unusual case. Carrie a litte fox terrier x is missing. You may have seen Carrie in your travels around the city centre as she belongs to a gentleman called John who is homeless. He is often in Pitt st, Oxford st and Goulburn st. He is homeless as he is unable to find accommodation that allows him to have Carrie with him.

On Saturday 15th June a person came by John and Carrie when they were sitting on Goulburn st and this person kicked Carrie and she was frightened and ran off. Since then John has been searching for her, but has not been able to find her. We are now helping in the search along with some friends of John. You will probably see John around with some signs for Carrie too.

We would appreciate if you could keep your eyes peeled for her on your travels around the city and if possible, please share her details with your colleagues, friends and family as they may have seen her as well. We will be sure to let everyone know when she is home with John.

Please call Pet Search on 1300 309 004 if you think you have seen her or have heard of someone caring for her. She is microchipped and desexed and all the vets, pounds and police in the area have been notified so she can be taken into any of these places also.


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On the NSW Animal Rescue facebook page there is the following comment

"Pretty sure I saw this dog with another homeless man at wynyard station on Monday!"

Maybe the PetSearch people could contact the poster of the comment for further information.

xx LP xx

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Exerpt for those who can't see FB:

Pet Search STOP THE PRESS! Carrie has been found! We have been contacted by the family who have been caring for her. She is ok and is being reunited with John tomorrow (Friday 27th June 2013). We will be sure to update you with more details, when all is confirmed, it is one of those things that it is hard to really feel and believe until you see it. It is all of this sharing of this post that worked, it got around to people who know the family and enabled them to get in touch with us, so thank you to all of you. You are big hearted people who took time away from your busy lives to help Carrie and John and it brought great results.

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