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Which Name?


Inky or Secret  

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  1. 1. Which name do you prefer?

    • Inky
    • Secret

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neko = cat ..then secret fits perfectly , cats being the secretive enigmas they are :)

Yes! how true! I didn't think of that. Neko certainly kept her a secret, it was such a surprise and shock to see a tiny 3rd puppy get pulled out.

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I can't name pups/kits until I've lived with them for a while. Even though I bred Ginny her name didn't stick for aaaages.

Just so you know when I read Ginny I think Weasley after it. :laugh:


Ha! Well you nailed it :D

It also means that if I ever breed her, pup registered names will be expensive gin or gin cocktails lol

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I would use Secret in her kennel name and use Inky as her pet name. Just feel that Inky is easier to yell.

My thinking too. If she's going to be a performance pup, Secret may not be the best call name .. but it is a sweet name. Inky is a more useful name for things like agility and obedience .. short, hard consonant. Not going to be confused with cues starting with 's'.

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I love Secret as her name. Perhaps her registered name could be Secret Ink, aka invisible ink. ;)

that's so funny you should say that. It's already come up in conversation. We actually have a theme for their registered names in mind, but I dont want to jinx it so will wait and see if we get them. Still waiting on the paperwork. One lot's already gone astray. Aust Post isn't what it used to be.

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On 4/4/2016 at 9:23 PM, denali said:

I like secret. I also know a secret, she lives with a friend overseas.

They call her "seeky" as a pet name, amongst other similar variations. But it is similar-ish to inky biggrin.gif

ETA: both super cute. And you can always incorporate the other/both into the registered name?

This thread is years old but for some reason I’ve found myself reading it and noticed this comment. I had to smile because Secret does indeed get called Seekie.  Funny thing is even though her mum Neko sounds nothing like Secret, Neko gets called Neekie. Then I get all tongue tied and flustered when I’m calling Seekie but mean to call Neekie. :hitself:I end up saying SNEEKIE.  

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On 5/4/2016 at 4:34 PM, Mrs Rusty Bucket said:

Kath: What's your dog's name?

Kim: Shh, it's Secret.

Kath: No? But you can tell me the secret name.....

(I know someone who named their dog "Guess" - you will never guess what happened...)

You predicted correctly, this happens quite a bit.   People ask me what her name is and when I say Secret they think I don’t want to tell them her name! :laugh:

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