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Which Name?


Inky or Secret  

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  1. 1. Which name do you prefer?

    • Inky
    • Secret

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I think Inky suits her better.

I have a Inka here, The family picked it I disliked it at first and now I wouldn't have her name anything else.

Good luck choosing a name.

I had a feeling she was going to stay :p

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I like inky because she looks like a little black dab of ink, makes me think of calligraphy

But you should go with the one you prefer in your heart :)

that's kind of why Marcus called her that, because her nose is like a drop of ink. It appealed to me because her mum's name Neko is Japanese for cat, and the Japanese are famous for turning their beautiful writing into an art form with ink.

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I can't name pups/kits until I've lived with them for a while. Even though I bred Ginny her name didn't stick for aaaages.

Just so you know when I read Ginny I think Weasley after it. :laugh:


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I like secret. I also know a secret, she lives with a friend overseas.

They call her "seeky" as a pet name, amongst other similar variations. But it is similar-ish to inky biggrin.gif

ETA: both super cute. And you can always incorporate the other/both into the registered name?

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My dog answers to a lot of bizarre names. I suspect it's mostly the tone she's paying attention to.

She will also answer any recall on the park if she thinks there's a treat in it.

I will see her lined up at someone else's feet for a treat while their dog is completely ignoring them, and my evil hound does the same to me... I call her - get someone else's dog and she's "up yours".

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