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Has anyone used Propalin? Mezza Update

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These words are so hard.  Mezza passed away yesterday.  I’m too gutted to say much, but he had been treated for airways disease for a couple of years with a puffer and  medications daily and Cerenia i

Thanks LG.  As you can imagine, I am pretty miserable and feeling so bereft.  Mezza was my shadow, unless he was channelling Rip Van Winkel, whenever I moved so did he.  He was such a lovely little do

Thank you everyone.  Well, it was an ulcer, but vet says as far as they go, it is not too bad.  Apparently some can be caused through pressure and he has seen some down to the bone - horrific thought.

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I just miss my little boy so much.  One of the little things he would do .....   Despite having bedding galore, he would lie on the floor up against the wall and I would be at sitting at the table doing whatever and every so often he would get up and walk around to check on me.  We would have a little chat and he would go back to snoozing.


I think Sooty is missing just having another little dog there as well, but she is getting lots and lots of attention.   






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29 minutes ago, Loving my Oldies said:

I just miss my little boy so much.

I bet you do :( The  last of the Mohicans, really . Sending thoughts & love your way - & skritches for Mis Sooty 

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