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I am a lucky person


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I have a companion Koolie called CLIVE . he is 3.5 yrs old and has had minimal training, and no early socialisation to humans , really as we live isolated, and for a greater part of his life there was COVID . He never goes to town or anything like that . 
BUT he is a people addict  ;) 
he adores visitors . That said - I am continually impressed by his behaviour around them ...he is 9 times out of 10 absolutely appropriate. there is no jumping, no begging, no 'annoying' ..and the only times he has been defensive is when he first met small children (it ended with one kissing him on the nose) We can have a group for a meal outside, and he will stick with me mostly - or perhaps find his favouriite person for a pat...leaving everyone else alone . he very quickly works out who to approach and who to leave alone , and respects that totally. 
he gets SO excited when we have return guests who he loves- almost turns inside out when his favourite people appear ....it is so cute :love: 
Clive is also a great dog inside - he has NEVER stolen any food off a table/bench, or out of a bin  (cat food on the floor is fair game apparently) , and I can go out and leave him for short periods , knowing the bin will not be overturned! 
He has trained himself brilliantly- I have had no hand in any of this - I am just so very lucky! 
Oh - he is also a very caring boy - if I talk in my sleep or whatever in the night, he will poke at me with a paw and wake me up - if I am unwell he sticks to me like glue , and most times, he walks alongside the rollator & I as if he had been taught to heel (he hasn't) .
To make you feel better- add a couple of other dogs to the mix and he is a heedless, noisy ratbag!! LOL he LOVES teasing and annoying everyone the beast :P 
I love my weird boy . 

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You are lucky!  But then so is Clive.


Nothing like a working bred dog, to find how to 'work' best with what they have. You give the opportunities, and he shows his good breeding and versatility.:heart:


Worth his weight in gold. Good boy Clive!

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