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The Evil Beagle


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I am still at a loss for words to explain what this little dog meant to me and I am still so devastated by her loss.


Steve wrote a lovely tribute for Daisy that some of you may have seen on the K9 Pro Facebook page so I thought I'd share it here.



Vale Daisy – Evil Beagle.

About 12 or so years ago, I met a young lady on a dog forum I would participate in sometimes.

She had a lot to say, not about anything in particular, just a lot to say.

Anyway, I was running a seminar in Queensland where she lived and she attended with her Husky, the seminar was on Training in drive and by the end of it she had asked me a number of questions about her other (untrainable) dog, the Beagle.

She let me know that the training system was awesome but it would not work on her Beagle, who had been to trainers, and Obedience clubs and, I stopped listening to be honest, but I told her that I guaranteed that my system would in fact work, even on her supposed, Evil Beagle Daisy.

We began a Distance Learning program on Daisy and low and behold, she not only improved but she was stunning, even for an Evil Beagle.

The dog that once wanted to scent so much that she would ignore the club instructors checking her, steak under her nose, recalls and any interruption was now highly engaged with her handler, looking great in Obedience and becoming very reliable.

One of the stories I remember her sending me was when her club was doing a judges training or demo or something, like I said this girl has a lot to say…

They asked for a dog to judge and the called Daisy.

Daisy ran an outstanding routine and on video the judges were heard to say “get that dog out of CCD, she is amazing”.

Daisy went on to demonstrate her skills at many of my seminars and workshops for some time after that.

I ran another workshop at my home in Kurrajong Heights, Daisy came to participate and did some great work, and I could regale you with many a story about her high points, but that really would not describe Daisy and why she was Evil.

An example was that between workshop appearance Daisy was in her dressing room (my office) and thought it may be a great ideal to rip up the carpet on the floor!

This was serenaded with a “Woo Woo Woo” when the door was finally opened to see what the fuss was about.

From time to time I would get urgent calls of help from Queensland because Daisy had stolen and eaten a complete loaf of bread, or a whole bar of chocolate, or medicine, or bin scraps.

This was no average dog…

The upshot of her challenging behaviours motivated her owner, Bec Chin, to learn more and more about training.

It became an obsession for her, motivated by Evil Beagle.

Bec was offered a job at K9Pro and as most will know, now works here as a highly skilled trainer.

In the time Bec has been here, stories about Daisy often come out, like when Daisy would run downstairs when Bec was eating breakfast and bark at the door.

Bec would go downstairs to see who was there and Daisy would run upstairs and polish off Becs breakfast!

The sad thing is that the happened quite a few times…

At various times, many clients over the last nearly 13 years will remember a little Beagle coming into my lessons, workshops and seminars and working her little Old Lady butt off in drive whilst dogs barked at her, lunged and tried to get her attention, Daisy was part of many a success story, including mine.

Dogs can have such an impact on our lives and is often not until they are gone that we realise just how much.

Daisy was one of the biggest influencers on Bec’s life, she discovered various training styles, found a career she loves and is thriving in it.

I have done countless demonstrations of amazing dogs such as Malinois, Border Collies etc demonstrating many things, but often at the end I will get “my god check out that Beagle!” lol.

To ignore that Daisy has been a credit to my training would be impossible, like most dogs in our world, Daisy has such a positive effect on every person and dog she has met.

Sadly, a few weeks ago, Bec asked me to look at Daisy as she was lethargic and not behaving like herself. This was around midnight and I told Becs we should wake our vet and go and see her.

We did and met Karen Hedburg at her surgery just before 1am, in which Daisy had a very large tumour on her spleen burst.

She was bleeding internally, and it was touch and go.

Karen operated and saved her life that night and before long Daisy was bounding around woo woo wooing again, although Karen did say that she might have a week, a month or a year.

Daisy had a few off days and a few good days but yesterday was her last day.

Her job is done, she came to Bec, motivated her to change career to something she loves and motivated her to be damn good at it, now that is done, she has dusted herself off and moved on.

Her pain now all gone, her aging bones are no longer a little sore in the morning and she won’t know a cold breeze again, she is at peace.

Of course, none of us that knew her are, it is our time to suffer the loss of the Evil Beagle.

- Steve


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Oh Bec is was shocked when I saw Steve's post yesterday. I guess I just thought that Daisy would be working for doughnuts with you for ever. It was just meant to be that you both found each other and had an amazing adventure together. Daisy will be greatly missed, but forever will be the Evil Beagle. Rest easy Daisy. 

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I remember reading about the Evil Beagle on DOL and having had a Beagle as our first dog, I understood!  Beagles are so special and I am so sorry that your special girl has left, Huski. Beautiful memories to treasure always.

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O I am sorry Bec.

 Daisy was always a fixture on Dogz and I for one shall miss hearing about her.

Goodbye sweet Daisy and have such a great time showing with all the other besties over the bridge how it is done


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