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  1. The important thing is that protein is high quality and easy for the body to deal with, raw is just that, less taxing on the organs than processed foods. The high moisture content of raw is also a very positive thing.
  2. Vet Wrap, Coban or Rip Rap all readily available online or from horse supply places, stock feeds etc.
  3. Good nourishing food several times a day, no need for junky additives like cereals and such. Chicken portions, lamb necks, lamb flaps, good quality fresh meats or a premium quality pref grain free dog food. Keep it simple and nourishing. Healthy nourishing additives like lambs hearts, chicken hearts, chicken livers etc can help tempt if the dog is a bit reluctant.
  4. Whilst Neuticals are relatively new to the scene here, replacing testicles with prosthetics (normally the ones manufactured for human children) has been going on for many years to enable monorchid dogs to be shown (against the rules of course). Personally I don't understand the desire to use them in a pet dog, it must be a boy thing.
  5. Probably the closest he gets to real cows is an artificial vagina, I understand he is a "collected" sire.
  6. Guess my male dogs missed this memo :laugh: Mine too, inappropriate marking, humping and other bad behaviours are TRAINING and management issues. Always amazes me that people think lopping off a dogs testicles will save them any effort.
  7. If you do not treat the environment you will not get a good result. The Comfortis will be killing the fleas, but newly hatched fleas will be jumping on the dog and they are the ones you will be seeing. You have to treat your house and yard.
  8. Has the blade been cleaned and oiled? Has the blade ever been sharpened? If not it probably needs to be sharpened and if your clippers have some age on them maybe they need a service and possibly the blade drive lever replaced.
  9. There are temporary colours available that you simply apply and then dry off with a the hair dryer, Critter Colour is one brand. Dyex is great but long lasting, as is Pet Esthe and Opawz . Both excellent for colouring but have to be processed then rinsed. Chalks and pastes are good for temporary designs, Opawz make a temp paste as well. They are applied then dried off not rinsed.
  10. Have you tested this ? I have had resource guarder who were excellent working gundogs.
  11. The antibiotic could well be the problem, however if it does return I would lose the kibble or switch to grain free if the one you are currently using isn't.I find that washing the paws in ACV solution or Malaseb, if you wish, also helps with yeast as they can transfer the yeast by scratching their ears, licking their paws etc. So treating both areas can help.
  12. Wax and yeast are two different things, Yeast needs to be treated. Of course the cause needs to be treated as well. We are talking about treating a dog with yeast. :)
  13. Malaseb 1:30 is often prescribed as a an ear flush for Malassezia (yeast), it is off label but is widely used and prescribed.
  14. The only PB Dachs I've encountered with dicky backs have been overweight and unfit. Like any breed when they are popular people breed for greed and with little care, the quality of the population drops Vets see more issues because they see more badly bred ones. I have elederly Dachy grooming clients that are in their teens and rarely see the Vet, well bred and still fit though :)
  15. I think it is important to investigate and understand why an incident occurs, this kill the dog, it was bad attitude teaches us nothing. When an accident occurs on our roads it is investigated, we don't compact the vehicles and wash our hands of it. Dog bites happen for a reason. A dog doesn't simply rollover on it's bed scratch its balls and designate today let's bite a human day.
  16. How are people expected to find a decent Breeder when it is like a secret society, Breeders, the ANKC, Breed clubs and state bodies should be out there plastering the internet pages and weekend shopper pages with links help people find a well bred, well raised family dog. It has nothing to do with having to flog your pups off, it has everything to do with raising public awareness that they do have a choice. I can't believe how small minded and elitist some Breeders are becoming. Is it any wonder that memberships and puppy registration numbers are falling.
  17. Offer it to your states Breed club, old pedigrees are such a valuable resource :)
  18. No. We have Bunnings that sell a limited range of mostly cheap and nasty products. Just lots of items with no real choice. That's all we have too, drove the small hardware and garden shops out. A monopoly is never a good thing.
  19. Regular bathing of cats that belong to allergy sufferers reduces the amount of dander and saliva residue and can making living with cats much more comfortable or in some cases possible. Some cats do not do a very adequate job of cleaning themselves and for them a bath can be beneficial, as it is for cats that have a very greasy coat. Some of the long coated breeds and Sphynx certainly need bathing to keep them nicer to live with.
  20. Any interference with a dogs hormones risks affecting their fertility and their involvement in a breeding program, I would think that anyone using a product for whatever reason would have to understand that it is a risk. I certainly used Suprelorin with the understanding that I may miss the boat when it came to using my dog. For the majority it works just they way it is intended.
  21. I have had no problems at all with the Supelorin implant, same as many other people, of course there will be variations when dealing with living animals, every animal is individual. If you have an animal that is so valuable to your Breeding program then simply don't mess with it's hormones, it is simple really.
  22. Untrained badly managed dogs would be right at the top of the list in the bite stats. Seriously if desexing the dog earlier makes you feel better then do it, but it is no substitute for training and management.
  23. The Vet would be right :) Training will fix the problems. Castration certainly isn't a miracle fix for all things dog.
  24. Big Dog is the brand, they are a QLd based company that produce several varieties of BARF patties and other good stuff. According to their website they have a distributor in Darwin. Garrards Unit 2 17 Benison Road Winnellie NT 0820
  25. Having just tried to use a force dryer on my puppy, I can see how cage drying would be great (if done PROPERLY). B4 Dog World's current owner, I bathed and blow-dried my standard poodle there. It was taking ages and I asked a groomer if I was doing something wrong? Groomer was really helpful- dog just had a lot of coat. Said they didn't use the heater-type dryers due to them heating up and people could accidentally melting the hose of the dryer (!!) and /or burn their dog. If the puppy is not happy with the dryer you can try using a Happy Hoody which is a thick towelling snug fitting snood basically, very calming and diminishes the air and noise from around the head.
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