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Omg! Rocco/serena Is Freaking Awesome :d


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I have to post this here because I am so so so so excited and without DOL I would never have met Serena and given her a huge push to enter lots of awards. :laugh:

Serena entered the WPPI awards in Las Vegas. Some photographers enter up to 20 prints in the hope that they might get lucky and pick up an award somewhere. Serena entered just one print and one album.

Her print was awarded 2nd place in the Portrait Pet/Animal category and her album won 2nd place in the 'Non-Wedding Informal' category :rofl::thanks::laugh:

Seriously, this is a HUGE achievment in the world of photography. Entrants are generally from Europe, Asia, Australia and the US and for a first timer to come out and blitz the categories with just two entries is absolutley incredible. Word is that when the album was displayed it received a huge cheer and lots of laughs and claps from the audience to a room of nearly 1000 photographers. What a way to make a mark!

The biggest congratulations Serena... and to think your career started simply because you wanted to photograph Rocco. He was a very special boy and I'm sure he'd have a big slobbery kiss for you right now. :laugh:

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is there somewhere we can look at the entries? not just the winners?

Unfortunately no (unless you fly to Las Vegas. :) ). With over 5000 images and a few hundred albums entered, there is no way that they can host all of them. ;) Bit of a shame as I'd like to view them also.

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Oh gah Ash, I was going good until I got to the last part of your post.... :provoke: Yes he was prob one of the most incredible beings ever. All these awards are for him. I miss him everyday.

Thanking you all. This has been a huge surprise for me. I honestly thought my work would of flopped big time. So its def a proud moment.

and YES, a huge thanks to Alicia for being such a awesome friend. As you all know she kicked butt and won this Album category last year, so I am so happy to be encourage by talent like hers.

I havent put my images up to load them on here. But if you check out my blog you will see a sneak of Ralph and my print. my print & album

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