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Clean Run...free Shipping


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Uh oh......I've already got a free shipping package on it's way. Surely I don't need anything else :eek: :D

You can always find something else.....I'm up to $88 already & still shopping :thumbsup:

Enabler :scold::rofl:

GG85 - even if you did that within states/regions you would probably be able to make up the $100.

Thats what I was thinking...I'm still browsing for now, no impulse buying for me, but if I don't make the $100, I'm more than happy to add other orders to mine, anyone in my region could do pick up, but if your order weighs less than 3kg it will fit in a $10 prepaid satchel...easy!

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I just tried - order came to $110 and it kept trying to charge me shipping. What am I doing wrong?? I wanna buy stuff!!

Have you got a large item that doesn't qualify?

Said if it didn't qualify would be in the description, so checked everything. The largest is one of those temperarure control crate mats. Maybe that's it?

Edit cause stupid double post on my phone

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Ouch I hope it starts working soon I may want to do an order too!!!

So do I!

Thanks for the heads up :thumbsup:

Has anyone ever order the everlasting treat ball refills? I'm wondering whether they'd go through customs or not... They are so much cheaper than here!

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