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I'm a little unsure of starting this thread

Texas was diagnosed late last year (about a month ago) with a sarcoma, most likely synovial sarcoma. It started with a lump in his right rear hock, an earlier (July) vet visit revealed joint fluid build-up via a fine needle aspiration, and was assumed to be a result of on-going arthritis, when the lump became noticeably larger and softer and nobblier we did x-rays and biopsy, by this stage there was already spread to his lymph node, as indicated by a small lump in the back of the knee on the same leg and another lump on the flat of his thigh. He is going to turn 14 years old in mid-Feb. The most successful treatment for this kind of sarcoma is to remove the whole leg. I have thought about this, and have decided against it due to his age and arthritis which he has in every joint. His front legs would not be able to bare his weight, and with a probable prolonged recovery period, I just want him to be happy in his last days, you know?

I want to share some old, new and favourite shots of the old boy, and knowing there are some people on dol who have met and like him, I thought I should do it before he goes, and share here in the photos forum, as I rarely go anywhere else.

At the moment he hasn't really changed a great deal, he is still a happy bouncy-at-dinner-time kinda fella, he sleeps a lot, doesn't get out for walks anywhere near as much as he used to, and they take 5 times longer, yet he's still very much got that sparkle, and owns all the toys.

... to start a couple of old photos

as a gangly puppy, probably the first week of bringing him home from the RSPCA, maybe 4 months old


he had a difficult start, a few months after coming home he had lost all the fur on his back, and half-way down his tail, had nasty elephantine skin around his muzzle and was constantly itching etc ... he was allergy tested and required allergen injections for a few years ... but was completely cured of that thankfully :D


in his hey-day, approx. 3 years old, the greatest ball retrieving team (with Jamie-girl) - these 2 were fit!


I may be able to find some photos between then and 2008, but for now, here's just a few favs from more recent times

at the beach!



thoughtful boy :(


but oh so silly :laugh:


and since I'm concentrating on trying to get the Jan photo-a-day with him, some outtakes :rofl:


proud as ever ...


and still very much the owner of all toys in the yard, and that special love of tennis balls hasn't faded :rofl:


that's enough for now ... I'm hoping to keep this updated for at least January ... if that's okay ...

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I think you have made a very brave decision. You know your dog better than anyone else so it is made out of compassion and love. He is a very proud looking dog, and when his time is done here he will no doubt be collecting and owning all the unfaded tennis balls over rainbow bridge...but for now your decision will let him enjoy his time with you...I am touched you are going to share these photos with all of us.

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Oh CM he is such a beautiful boy. That puppy pic is too adorable.

Sorry to hear your poor boy isnt doing well. Only you can know but it sounds to me like your making the right decision.

Its awesome that you have so many fantastic photos of him :( I hope he she has lots more tennis ball time with us yet :love: Something in my bloody eye...

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thanks all :eek:

mim - yeh, me too, I've always liked Maverick :rofl:

redangel - thanks :(

I really gave the idea a good think because I do believe that dogs don't really comprehend (or miss) a loss of limb as much as we feel horrible for them ... and I would definitely go ahead if he were a few years younger and generally fitter than he is.

In spirit he's doing amazing. He doesn't whinge or whine.

as far as having lots of photos of him go, I found I had barely any photos of my first dog who died early, and vowed to change that when I got Texas, I have a lot of snapshots :rofl:

his teeth I used to worry about and stopped leaving the tennis ball in the yard, now it's free for all, same with playing fetch, because of his arthritis I basically cut out all fetch games in the yard for him, now I throw for Lotus (mostly) and Jamie, Texas gets to join in, though obviously in a less energetic way, he's still enthusiastic and I'm careful, but I'll let him get it at least once in a short session, I can't deny him the things he loves now :eek:

going through photobucket ... some really bad quality photos showing off his tricks




this next one is a scanned fav, I have it on my fridge :cry:


and back to more recent times ... I took them all to the beach before he was scheduled for x-rays and biopsy knowing I wouldn't get a chance to get back there too soon (I'm sure there'll be a beach trip sometime this month) ... a couple of favs :eek:



actually there was 2 beach trips in 2 weeks ...


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CM, you have made a brave and selfless decision and this thread is a wonderful way to celebrate his much loved life.

I couldn't agree more...gorgeous photo's

I wish you wonderful days together...treasure the time you have

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Texas is one of my favourite DOL dogs - mainly due to your great photography.

I wish him well and hope you have many more photo opportunities with him. You will look back one day at your wonderful memories on paper (er computer).


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