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Introducing.... Bolt!

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Everyone, please meet Bolt!   She is 9 weeks old and just came home today!!  

yep! Nick hasnt cried himself to sleep in over 2 weeks! He has asked can she sleep in his room, once she is fully toilet trained ill set a bed up in there for him so she can!

My chairs have started to explode... 

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3 hours ago, persephone said:

how was her first night, @Teebs  ? 

She was perfect !


 Met the cats and was fine with them, slept in the crate all night, no accidents and no crying


she has most slotted in perfectly like she has Always been here !! 



We are going around tomorrow to meet dads 7 month old British Bulldog, so that will be interesting !!! He is a full on dog !!

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47 minutes ago, crazydoglady99 said:

@Malamum.. you been too busy with Jet!!!

Oh thank you, I hadn't seen this.  I don't tend to look in General that often.


@Teebs - she is just so adorable.  The eye patch and brown tips on her ears are just to die for. :love:

How are things going a month in?

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She is amazing 


picking up training so fast, is great with the kids - the only issue is she loves teasing my old cat! 

I can’t complain at all, she is soooo different to Atlas and Kaos, it’s a very new experience! 


How are you guys going ?

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