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My Beautiful Buddy Hung At The Groomers ....how Can This Happen ;(


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I dropped my handsome old GR Buddy off to the groomers this morning for a bath and groom, I hugged and kissed him, told him to enjoy his pampering and that Id be back for him soon. God how I wish I could go back and not leave him :cry: :cry:

About 3 hours later he was dead, they had put him up on a table with a choker chain and left him unattended long enough for him to fall off and strangle to death....Im devestated that my precious darling boy was treated so carelessly as to cost him his life.

I cant stop going over what a terrible death it would have been for him and I wasn't with him :cry: :cry:

They took him to the vet next door when they found him hanging and the vets tried to bring him back but he was too far gone.

I brought him home and Pets at Peace will pick him up in the morning. It doesnt seem real.

Im so shattered, I can't stop sobbing but Im also as mad as hell and feel that something should be done about it. Its not a random accident it was straight up negligence :mad :mad Any suggestions on what I can do if anything would be appreciated. I don't want this to happen to any other beloved pet.

RIP my precious Buddy, Im so very sorry :cry:


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OMG what a horrible thing to happen I'm so sorry :(

AFAIK the best you can do is report the incident to the local council ranger to investigate their practices as I beleive there is legislation in regards to places dealing with animals, then plaster it all over the local paper and news. Any compensation would have to be through civil litigation I believe :( I'm so sorry

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