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Goodbye Tess


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Tonight I said goodbye to my beautiful girl.

I had been looking for a dog for a few months, and was trawling through rescue sites but nothing struck my fancy. This was to be 'my' first dog, I was in treatment for depression & anxiety, and I knew I had to wait for the right one. On a whim I checked out the RSPCA website.

And there she was. In the 'last chance club', she'd been saved for over 3 months. I took one look at her photo and just knew. When I collected her they put out an announcement over the loud speaker to all staff... "Tess is going to her forever home". It took us over 30mins to leave as all the staff wanted to say goodbye.

Very quickly I discovered her love of balls. So did the local soccer club (and we changed our walking route :) ). A large dog in a Neighbourhood of swf's, she quickly made friends with dogs and people, but particularly the kids. I know more 10 yr olds now than I ever have.

Tess enhanced my life so much as a dog owner I ventured into the world of dog rescue. I made some wonderful friends, rehomed some beautiful dogs, and then I met Fleming. 7 years later he is still here.

My beautiful gentle giant is gone. I am distraught. I have some beautiful memories of her. Walking in Centennial Park and having people stop us for a pat (and a big dog lean). Sitting on the sofa only to have her climb up and try to sit on my lap. Or shove her head in my armpit for another head rub.

Rest in peace my girl. You are now pain free.

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MW I am truly sorry for the pain you are feeling. She was a lovely friend and I am so glad I got to meet her when you were here.

Sending lots of hugs to you and Fleming

:rainbowbridge: travel safely sweet Tess

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I was so sad to read this MW crying.gif - Tess was such a gorgeous girl and I remember with a smile the walks on the beach smile.gif. Earl still carries the mark on his chin of her displeasure at his boofiness laugh.gif.

Run free at Rainbow Bridge beautiful Tessrainbowbridge.gif - sending love and hugs to you and Fleming hug.gif

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