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Farewell my Sari girl


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Yesterday we made the heart wrenching decision to say goodbye to Sari.  15 years ago I saw her picture on here.  She was in Hawkesbury Pound.  They nicknamed her bleeding tail girl.  She wagged that whip of a tail so much that it had taken a hunk off the end and she had blood all over her.  There was no room for her in rescue that day unfortunately so she was left behind.  A few days later the rescue girls went back but her paperwork was marked with a PTS on it.  But low and behold as they walked through there she was.  She wasn't being left behind this time.  She was placed with Trish @ Albury rescue and that's where I got her.  It was Christmas 2005.   My son was almost 5 and my daughter 2.5.  For the next 15 years she was an integral part of this family.  After we lost Maddison our German Shepherd in 2016 she became my shadow.  No trip to the toilet was complete without a Sari nose sticking through the door.  She had a bed next to my chair in the lounge and a bed next to the computer.  

Over time her old legs decided they had had enough.  She had a few lipomas but nothing major.  On Wednesday I came home from work and she wouldn't get out of bed.  The look on her face was all I needed.  She was done.  She perked up the next day but I couldn't put it off any longer.  It was time.

Yesterday at 11.40am we said goodbye.  The vet was marvelous. One of the vet nurses we have known for over 20 years came out and was a balling mess alongside me.  She had known Sari since the day she arrived in our family.  Friends came over last night in tears as she was loved by everyone.

Farewell my beautiful fatty girl.  I have a ginormous paw print hole in my heart that may never be filled.  I am so lost today.

Run Free at the Bridge my girl.  Maddison is waiting for you and you can chase all the chookies you like now. :rainbowbridge:


Sari .jpg

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Fly free with the angels sweet Sari...


My heart hurts with you @SarasMum... your soul has been broken in a very special way now... the way only saying goodbye to a most special friend can do.


Over 15 years, Sari has given you so many awesome memories... remember them and smile for the joy she shone into your lives for those years... she'd like that I reckon.


Hugs to you and yours...



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