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I don't know where to start, You were so full of life. Two days ago you were running around chasing me in the yard and playing tug. I scratched your belly and you looked so pleased with yourself, then you got up and shoved your head into my armpit for a hug while I gently stroked your head and ears. The next morning I when I woke up you had vomited up all your dinner from the night before but you didn't look like you were any worse for wear as you ate all your meals and were a good boy, I made sure I kept a good eye on you throughout the day though. The next morning I woke up to you having vomited up your evening meal again this time it smelt really bad and you were shaking and whimpering something you never did in fact you hardly ever made a sound apart from your happy grumble you use to do while out and about smelling.

I rushed you to the vets who thought you had an foreign body obstruction somewhere and we agreed that the best course of action was to get it out. However you threw us all a curve ball as the routine blood before operating came back abnormal in the kidney function the levels were so high the machine couldn't read them properly. We decided instead to get a ultrasound done to see what was going on it showed that you were in the last stages of renal failure and that the kindest thing to do was to give you your wings.

This morning I came and visited you in the hospital and brought you your favourite food in the whole world which was roasted chicken. I gave you cuddles and told you I love you, You gave me a few final kisses and your paw as you left the world.

You really named appropriately as your registed name was Shining Light and that you were, We gave you the name Raiden after the Japanese god of lightening. You lit up my life even if it was for only a short time and cemented my love of Akitas.

Run free Raiden, Go find my Missy dog and play free from pain.

I will think of you whenever I see the Lightening flash across the sky,

Love you always





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Lhok, I am not sure what to say that will make you feel the slightest bit of comfortable but you are in my thoughts.

Little Raiden, it was a pleasure to get to know you in the puppy thread and sorry you needed to leave so soon. Run free and have fun playing with with your new friends.

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You have my eepest sympathies.Stalking the puppy threads, I also fell in love with your little man.He was only on this earth for a matter of weeks, but he did touch a lot of lives, and I know he will have taught a lot of us a life lesson, and that is to Cherish every day.

As I was sitting here crying for you and Raiden, these words formed in my mind.

I hope one day they willbe of a little comfort to you, and thought you may like to combine it with a photo of Raiden, or PM me and I would be happy to have a go at making one for you when you feel ready.

Raiden, my shining Light

You came like a bolt of lightning too brief but so bright,

you touched my life, then disappeared so fast, into the night.

You changed my world during your far too brief of a stay,

but you left me memories, and taught me to cherish every day.

Through teary eyes I see a new star in the dark sky tonight,

far brighter than the rest, I know it is Raiden, my shining light.

Hugs to you, take care of yourself, and know that you gave him the best short life any puppy could wish for.


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