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Dogs V Dog Beds V Dog Mats, Blankets, Towels And Toppers


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Cute patterns? What cute patterns??!! My vet bed is plain grey!! Scootaloo you are naughty!! I've spent enough money on bedding in the last few days without you tempting me to look at patterned vet bed!! rofl1.gif

Haha really?? I've only seen it with paw prints (I really like the grey with lime green paw prints hehe, or anything pink...) or stripes but haven't had a good look at the site since.

OOPS laugh.giflaugh.gif

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Three dogs here who mainly live on the couches and human beds but I'd say we have at least 10 actual dog beds and a double cupboard full of fleece blankets and towels. I make all their beds because Stussy keeps me in a permanent supply of stuffing and Tempeh sometimes gets an upset stomach in the mornings and likes a clean dog bed to go and puke on. The dog towels were all ones that us humans used to use. As we upgrade our towels the old ones go in the dog cupboard. Oh and there are also two of those kids fold out foam beds and a bean obtained solely for the dogs. We also have a few of those rag rugs and two sets of matching place mats for under their bowls (including the water bowl as we have a slurper). Luckily we have a pretty big laundry to contain it all.

Edited because I just remembered that I was recently at an op shop and discovered some small and attractive handmade quilts and I bought them to put on the side of my bed the dogs are supposed to lie on. I thought they would be a nice change from them furring up my nice linen.

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1 hammock bed, 2 pillow type beds and 2 crates. Dory has nicer blankets in her crate because she doesn't shred things. Willow gets old towels... She shreds things.

Despite this both dogs seem to prefer the unadorned floor. And occasionally the couch, usually when they want something and they are being cuddly.

I would love to buy more beds, but I choke at the prices for items the dogs clearly won't use.

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2 outsides crates with rip stop bed/ basket combos (plus extra blank ies in winter)

6 (folded up) soft crates

1 (folded up) crate

5 raised 'trampoline' beds of various sizes, one with thermal bed on top.

1 large fuzzyard bed

1 large petlife snuggle bed

1 giant foam mattress out off bed

1 mollymutt filled with memory foam

4 memory foam crate mats

1 heated bed

1 snooza mat

3 pods, 2 large and 1 XL

And a kennel

tons of blankets, toppers, mats etc :o

Not to mention the cat beds.........


Oh and I have 3 dogs, 4 cats

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We have two beds and two blankets in our home office, two beds and a kids fold out lounge in the lounge room, two beds with blankets in our bedroom and picked up and brought home a green bean bag that was left out for a council clean up that my girl jumped into and refused to move from while we were walking. I had to pick it up and continue our walk with two dogs. The bean bag lives outside and she loves it. Towels, hmmmm too many to count.

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2 beds for in the house. 2 trampoline beds with cushions for outside. 1 crate with a bed set up outside (outside is really inside as it is a enclosed verandah).

2 crate + beds in the car.

1 spare soft crate + 1 wire crate.

No blankies or toppers.

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Seven crates (each with at least one foam mat), three HoundHouses, five or so trampoline beds with the velboa Snooza covers, an unknown quantity of soft beds piled up in the spare room, various foam "basket" beds/mats in the bedroom and lounge room, enough vetbed to carpet a small nation (I'm actually sitting on a piece of vetbed right now :o ) and heaps of blankets, mostly the thick, plush ones because it can get really cold down here.

We currently have four dogs but we've had up to nine at once so what seems excessive can actually sometimes not be enough, depending on how many fosters we have.

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In my defence I have 5 dogs - knew getting number 5 would be good for something ;)

4 wire crates

4 soft crates

1 Vari kennel crate

6 raised tramp beds

4 soft beds

1 plastic kennel

brick kennels and runs

more polar fleece blankets, old doonas and god knows what else to count.

around 200 towels - mum gave me heaps from the units she cleans for, most are down the kennels

8 pieces of vet bed

2 dog mats covered in faux sheepskin and cotton

4 double polar fleece blankets made by a DOLer or is that 5, can't remember

around 12 to 15 dog coats - can't remember I have rehomed some and made more.

Cool coats and mats

And I don't want to think up any more!!!!

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two cooler beds under the sideboard where the tv and associated accessories sit

one cooler pad next to it

two hard cushions in front of the sofa (they sleep on them and also an aid to getting on the sofa)

two trampolines on the veranda

one handy low cane chair on the veranda

two big cushions on the back-door landing

cooler pads and dog beds in the bedroom

three dog beds in the office

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