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Mac: My Best Little Buddy


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Mac has had a problem with fluid on his lungs for some time. We had taken him to the vet a few months back as he was wobbly and fell over, we initially thought it was a tick but the vet said no. She x-rayed him and said it appeared to be an enlarged heart/congestive heart failure though that was difficult to diagnose due to the fluid in his chest. He spent a couple of days at the vets where they put him on diuretics to help get rid of the fluid.

He was treated with Vetmedin and Lasix twice a day.

He responded to this but on his check-up, with another vet at the practice, it seemed that the main problem was crackly lungs which, the vet, said seemed like asthma rather than congestive heart failure/enlarged heart. He put Mac on Amoxyclav and PredX and said to discontinue the Vetmedin.

Mac has had weekly check-ups since the other vet has been treating him

Mac seemed pretty happy on this but it was not completely clearing up his crackles so was prescribed Doxycycline as well.

He went for his weekly check-up today as the vet wanted to x-ray his chest if the crackles were still there (they were) and there is a shadow in his lung, the growth/tumour has pushed the trachea to one side and there are little black dots that are sitting in the lymph nodes.

So...not the best of news.

Mac could get a needle biopsy but as he is 16 I feel that it's a waste of time (and money) as all it'll tell me is what type of cancer it is...my vet can't do it as an ultrasound needle is used, so Mac would need to go to the specialist centre.

Mac's vet gave me more PredX...two in the mornings instead of one, he also said he doesn't have long.

Mac doesn't seem too phased with his x-ray results and is just cruising along as normal so we'll just all hang in here and keep him happy

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Glad your Mac is cruising along Boronia. I hope he cruises along for a long while yet.

Doxycycline is a great drug - it gave my Mac a quality of life I'm sure he wouldn't have had without it. Just make sure that your vet gives you a long enough course. While I understand that they are reticent to over-prescribe I think there is quite some under prescription going on too - and its important that the dog has an adequate course to really deal with the infection and knock it under the head. For example on one occasion after his second (?) bout of AP, Mac was sent home from the emergency hospital with something like three days of ABs - completely inadequate for AP in a dog of his age. So I was pretty grumpy by the time I fronted up to my regular vet paid for a further consult and got a decent course for him.


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Yesterday Mac's vet discontinued the Doxycycline tablets, he had originally thought it may help clear up Mac's 'crackles' but they didn't help much and viewing the x-ray was pretty conclusive there was no bacterial lung infection as such.

I found the card the vet had given me with what he thought the 'shadow' on Mac's lungs was.

Thymoma or Lymphoma or primary lung tumour, to find out which one a he would need a biopsy procedure and I won't put him through this as the outcome will be the same.

Interestingly, I had a letter from RACQ insurance a couple of weeks ago suggesting I call them as they were increasing their pet cover insurance more in line with other pet insurers (currently they only cover up to $500 with a $50 excess) I phoned them and for $2981.90 they would cover Penny & Mac for $? (I can't remember this figure but it was heaps of money) as I had been with them for 8--9 years.

If I had taken out this policy I still wouldn't have done these procedures as the little fella wouldn't cope too well, and, truly, he is still a happy little vegemiter...he is snuggled up in his doggy bed with Daisy at the moment.

The next exciting part of his day will be breakfast :)

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He is doing ok WM, He is just cruisin' along and is a happy fella.

We all went to the WHWT club's 'Gathering of the Clan's' last Sunday, he had a great time sniffing the wee scent of 100+ Westies

His vet suggested giving him two Pred-x if I felt he needed it and I have been doing that for 3 days, yesterday I just gave him one and he coughed more and was a little wobbly so he will get two with his breakfast this morning.

Interesting info re Pred-x ...it should only be given in the mornings.

it is too early in the morning for me to search out why but I think the vet said that it is evenings that the adrenal gland works and the Pred-x interferes with this, it is linked to the dog's Arcadian rhythms

I would appreciate if a Doler can post some links so I can understand why (I have also had the flu so my brain is mush)

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Mac picked up pretty well with his McDowell Herbals drops, he became much stronger and wasn't coughing/retching to clear his lungs (he was still on Lasix and Pred X) unfortunately he went downhill five days after he realised Daisy and Penny were just not here.

I was in the process of taking him to the ferry/vet and we had 1/2 hour before leaving for ferry-catching so we sat on the sofa together and I talked to him, he looked at me, gave a shiver and passed away with his head on my lap.

He just pined away.

Have fun with your bestie-girls Little Fella

xxx from me

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Goodbye to another of my favourite DOlers - have fun with Penny, Daisy and my Mac. You are such a special little man to decide to depart the way you did - sparing your lovely Mum the final journey. See you again one day when we'll all be together.

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