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My Pug Alvin Is Missing


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I know it's a long shot posting here but I am away on holidays and am feeling helpless. I just left today but obviously will cut my holiday short and head back home tomorrow. Alvin has been missing since lunch time. He is a black desexed 12 mo(approx) Pug. No collar, for safety reasons. I am starting to worry that a snake has gotten him as he cant bef found anywhere within the garden or even around the area. Friends/Neighbours are all out looking and searching high and low.

Avoca, Southern Highlands, NSW



Hope you find Alvin soon Clyde

missing a bub is the worst...

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Thanks guys, still no sign :cry: Poor house sitter and neighbours have been out searching for hours. I have a terrible feeling..... even if he did take off somehow he knows dinner time is 4pm and wouldn't miss it for the world. I'm heading back home first thing tomorrow so will do what else I can do once back home. Your support means a lot, I've never had a dog go missing before, it's just the worst feeling. I keep bursting in to tears thinking someone has picked him up and will keep him, I am so worried he will be mistreated as he is really hard work and not for everyone. - he is also a real home body and is such a happy, loving little guy. Whatever happens I just want a body dead or alive so I can have closure. My 7yo isn't quite grasping what has happened and I am not able to let across how serious it is without losing it myself which I think is just too early on to weigh that on her.

We've worked out a timeline so he definitely didn't get out to follow my car, I left at 11am and the house sitter said he was there at 2pm. She had a lie down on the couch for half hour and when she got up he was gone.

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