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Goodbye Bubby my darling


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We said goodbye to Bubby forever today. His old body was failing him. He had a lovely last day yesterday. Daddy got him take away sushi (he greeted Mr B at the front door and was beyond delighted) and I reheated a cottage pie for lunch. Dinner was truffle fried rice with roast chicken which he buried his nose in and devoured. He always had a taste for the finer things in life and I always gave them to him. I don't regret a single moment. All the take away yum cha, take away sushi. I raised him exactly the way I wanted, fed him anything I wanted and he had 11 glorious years with me (I got him when he was 1). 


He went into his eternal sleep with his head on my lap and his daddy next to him. It was just like the way it used to be 11 years ago when we were young and there was only the three of us. They were some of the best years of my life. It started with the three of us and in the end there was just the three of us which is what I know he would have wanted.


Goodbye my darling. Mummy loves you so much. Mummy was always a sentimental sap whereas you were stoic and aloof. I remember how wary of Mummy you were when I first got you. I was a nutter with a world of good intentions and you preferred Daddy who was calm and reliable. Then as the years went by you realised I wasn't so bad and fairly competent. You put up with my shenanigans and I rose in the ranks to become top mummy dog in your heart. You even sat by the door and moped when I went on holidays! What a shock that was for me since you were never a sappy sentimental dog.


Mummy could be a bit of a grizzler but never grizzled at you and you knew that. You would squint your eyes, wiggle your bum and nuzzle me whenever I told Daddy and your human brother off because you knew that in my eyes, you could do no wrong. You were absolutely PERFECT with Puppas and I will miss how you lined up for crackers and cheese every morning or how I had to always serve him a massive dinner because it was tradition that you got his leftovers. Oh the days when Puppas was greedy and would eat your portion as well! You got so offended and Mummy had to plate you more food. 


You weren't the most obedient and you were never that snuggly but I love you so much and you were perfect for me in every way. Try to find me again Bubby Dawg. Daddy and I would love to have you again. I have always said this and I stand by it. You were one of the great loves of my life. I don't know how a girl like me ended up with a boy like you. Goodbye Darling. See you again one day.


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Ohhhhhhhh...  Bubby . What a wonderful boy he was , seeing you safely through important years in your life . <3

His last day , and last snuggle  were both perfect ...and your descriptions of him brought tears to my eyes .
So sorry Bubbity ...you will all miss him dreadfully .  :kissbetter:

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Oh bub I am bawling, I am so so sorry for your loss, what a heartbreaker. Love to you and Mr B Puppas and Bitty at this hard time. 



Run free Mister Bubby. I'm sorry your body failed you, you were one of the luckiest boys there was, and likewise your mumma and dadda. 

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So sorry, the doings of Bubby were a large part of the forum.  He was fortunate to have you.  Is now over the rainbow bridge, enjoying himself but keeping and eye on you.  You will meet again one day.

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